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Tips for Promoting New Blogs


TopRank’s recent Blogging and SEO survay of in-house, agency and independent marketing, advertising and PR professionals revealed that 95% of respondents incorporate blogs as part of their online marketing mix. Nearly 88% have successfully increased measurable SEO objectives as a direct result of blogging.

Thousands of new blogs are started by companies and individuals each day. Yet getting a blog set-up, optimized, and launched are just the first steps. No one will know you have a blog to read, subscribe or link to unless you take an important next step: promotion. There are plenty of places you can promote and market a new blog:

  • Add A Link – If it’s a company blog, or if it’s attached to another site, add a link to the blog from the main navigation on the parent website.
  • Create A Badge – On the main website, add a badge to the homepage, or sidebar, that promotes the blog. Images are a good way to catch a visitor’s attention.
  • Email – Add a link to the blog in your email signature.
  • Newsletter – Announce the blog in the company newsletter.
  • Network – Announce the blog to your Twitter followers, Facebook fans, Linked in connections and any other social networks that you are apart of.
  • Press Release – If you feel that the blog is important enough to support a press release, put one out.
  • Submit – Submit the blog to blog & feed directories.
  • Share – Share your blog with co-workers, friends and others in your network. You never know when they might promote it for you.
  • Link – One way to get other bloggers to notice you is to link to them. Summarize someone else’s long blog post, expand upon someones shorter post, or just write your thoughts on a topic that someone else wrote about and link back to the original post.
  • Give Away – If it’s a product blog, run a promotion on the blog giving away one of your products. Sometimes the value that can come out of giving something away can be more beneficial than all the items above.
  • Guest Post – If there are other blogs in your industry, ask around and see if they’d allow you to guest post for them. In return, you’d get a link back to your blog in your profile, or post, on their site.
  • Ask – Tap into the social networks within the industry you’re trying to reach and ask them what they’re interested in. Here’s an example of post that did just that on Twitter for this blog. Show interest in the interest of your audience and they’ll pay more attention and share your content.

Probably the best promotion tactic is to create good content, post often and share. The more content a blog has, the greater the footprint it has on the web in terms of pages to appear in search results and to link to from other blogs/web sites. Work on creating a posting schedule and according to resources and reader interest, try to get one to five posts out a week.

“Build it and they will come” doesn’t work with web sites and it certainly doesn’t work with blogs. Promote relevant and useful content to create awareness and the quality of your information will propel your brand to a much larger audience.

What is search engine optimization?


SEO is the process in which your website undergoes redevelopment to more effectively communicate your keywords to search engines. Optimizing your website enables it to rank higher on major search engines. Search engines rank websites based on two major factors: unique content that contains pertinent keywords, and link popularity - the number of quality incoming links to your website. Other important factors that determine your ranking with search engines are the architecture of the site, the visibility of your content, its underlying code and how natural your site appears to the engines.

FREE Website Submission

submit express submission script will submit your website URL to 20+ top search engines for free, including Google.

Before you submit to the search engines, make sure you are using the right keywords within your meta tags. Then make sure that you take advantage of submit express free META Tag Generator for best placement. Please do not submit your URL more than once a month. Multiple submissions of the same URL to some search engines could be considered spamming and therefore may ban you from being listed.

Search Engine Optimization and SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization and SEO Tools

Free register for Google Adsens and faster approval

Ok guys, came to know about this in a form. Tried it and i got my adsense account approved with in 12 hours. I have tried applying to adsense nearly three times using my sites but got rejected every time. So very happy to get one after a long time. If you live in India and had never got approved to adsense then you should be approved this time. If you have been banned previously,try using a different proxy,address,etc. You might get approved again.

First go to the site:

1)Register yourself as an member.

2)Once you enter the members area, you will see an option called Earnings *Google AdSense

3)You can apply for adsense using that link. But you need to meet certain criteria before applying.The required criteria will me mentioned there itself. So you can just full fill them to apply for adsense.The criteria required are as follows.

4)First you need to complete your profile atleast 50%. Its very simple . Just fill in your college details,work details,Interests,etc . Also Indyarocks allows you to send SMS to mobile phones from online. You need to verify your Phone to use this service. If possible phone verify your account since it will make your account look legitimate.

5)You need to upload atleast 10 photos.I suggest you upload photos related to your Interests. I mentioned cricket and cooking as my Intrests. So i went to flickr, searched for some good photos related to cricket and cooking ,took a screen shot of them using snagit and uploaded the photos to my account

6)You need to have at least 2 blog posts. I was lazy to do this. But i spent 15 minutes wrote about two news events that came to my mind. I would suggest you not to copy any articles from anywhere. Just write your opinion about any news story that comes to your mind. I beleive 250-300 word article would be more than enough.

7)Thats it. You are elligible to apply for google adsense.After you apply at Indyarocks you will be taken to google adsense application form. I would suggest you to use an email id which have not used before to apply to adsense. But you can use your original details. NO need to fake them.

SEO-get more traffic from search engines


search engine optimization (seo) for beginners

You've finished your web design, uploaded your files, and set up your blog, but you're still not getting as many visitors as you hoped for. What gives? Chances are you haven't started working on one of the most important ways to market your site, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

what seo is

Search Engine Optimization refers to the collection of techniques and practices that allow a site to get more traffic from search engines (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft). SEO can be divided into two main areas: off-page SEO (work that takes place separate from the website) and on-page SEO (website changes to make your website rank better). This tutorial will cover both areas in detail! Remember, a website is not fully optimized for search engines unless it employs both on and off-page SEO.

what seo is not

SEO is not purchasing the number #1 sponsored link through Google Adwords and proclaiming that you have a #1 ranking on Google. Purchasing paid placements on search engines is a type of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and is not covered in this tutorial.

SEO is not ranking #1 for your company's name. If you're reading this tutorial, you probably already know that ranking for popular terms is darn near impossible, but specific terms, such as a company name, is a freebie. The search engines usually are smart enough to award you that rank by default (unless you are being penalized).

who uses seo

If a website is currently ranked #10 on Google for the search phrase, "how to make egg rolls," but wants to rise to #1, this websites needs to consider SEO. Because search engines have become more and more popular on the web, nearly anyone trying to get seen on the web can benefit from a little SEO loving.

Myfriends2u.com Always keep in touch...


KUALA LUMPUR - Ministry of Youths and Sports (KBS) yesterday launched a social site for easy myfriends2u.com youths find appropriate activities they participated.

Its minister, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek said, the existence of the site in line with the rapid development of Internet news service that requires fast and last.

"Therefore, the site also will be on-line platform for youths to exchange ideas, tapped opportunities and build their own business.

"In addition, it also aims to increase understanding among youth about the importance of Internet in managing their daily activities," he said in a speech at the launch social website myfriends2u.com KBS Tower yesterday.

**Note: lets support our Malaysian social network....MYFRIENDS2U..always keep in touch

ECN Pamm Acc for FXopen


FXOpen introduces new currency pairs on live ECN accounts

New trading instruments are available on live ECN accounts.

Cybercity Ebene, Mauritius - May 13, 2010. FXOpen Investment Inc., one of the world’s leading FOREX companies, is pleased to announce the introduction of new trading instruments on ECN live accounts - AUD/CAD, AUD/CHF, CAD/CHF, EUR/NZD, GBP/AUD, GBP/CAD, GBP/NZD, NZD/CAD, NZD/CHF and NZD/JPY.

The company is committed to improving conditions of traders’ work and continues to upgrade and develop better and innovative solutions for trading. Now your abilities to trade in the fair and open ECN environment are widened. After having been tested on demo accounts the instruments has become available for trading on live ECN accounts.

Follow our news and development to be informed and make use of the most convenient and best trading conditions!

Note: FXOpen Investments Inc. is one of the world’s biggest retail FOREX companies with more than 217,000 active accounts (Micro, Standard and ECN) and over $65 billion in traded volume passing through its platforms on a monthly basis. It provides its clients with everything necessary to get the most and the best from FOREX trading: advanced trading technology, reliable order execution and dedicated support. With the introduction of the first ever MT4 ECN trading platform coupled with PAMM accounts the Company solidified its position as a MT4 technology innovator and the driver of the market development.

For further information, please, contact:

FXOpen Investment Inc.
Press and Media Relations

Tel: +1 (352) 397-2678
E-mail: cheryl@fxopen.com

Open An Account now

Another trusted PTC site Neobox


Site Description

Neobux is a pay-per-click membership site run by an internet marketer name Rezk that pays members to click on advertiser links and visit their websites for a certain length of time. Advertisers buy clicks to their websites and program members earn a share of the revenue when they visit these websites. There is also a referral system in place so members can build downlines and earn from them.

Detailed Overview

The Neobux program is one of many of these types of programs on the internet today. The way you make money as a member of this site is very simple. You click on links, visit advertiser websites, stay on them for a certain period of time, and you earn money for it. You refer others to the program, and you earn money when they click on websites too.

The amount of money that you earn from Neobux by clicking on one advertiser link and visiting the site is not much. The pay that you do get depends on your level of membership. There is a free level and a golden level. At the free level, you make $.01 to view a site for a standard period of time, and $.015 for viewing a site for an extended period of time. How long the period of time is depends on what the advertiser pays for. At the golden level the pay for those are $.01 and $.02 respectively. Neobux Golden members also earn more for their referrals’ clicks than free members do. You can actually rent referrals each month from the site if you like, which could possibly increase your earnings.

The Neobux site can be a bit confusing at first. Content is very minimal, so you have to look around the site a bit to figure it all out. Once you join and can enter into your account area, it still looks pretty minimal, but eventually you find out where everything is.


A lot of these types of programs get many complaints, but that doesn't seem to be the case with Neobux. Most reports are that the company does indeed pay, and they pay in a timely manner. Nobody is claiming to get a lot of money from it, but that’s not surprising. Ambitious members could conceivably make some extra spending money each month, which for some is a plus.

Domain "Whois"

The Whois information for a website lists the owner and their contact information. The Whois information for "Neobux" is public which is generally a good thing. This indicates the owner of this site has nothing to hide.


1. Standard Member
Per Click : $0.010
Per Referral Click: $0.005

2. Golden Member
Per Click : $0.010 to $0.20
Per Referral Click: $0.010

2) Minimum Payout - $2 - Instant Payout.


1. Have 50 clicks credited.
2. Have rented referrals 2 times.
3. Have registered atleast 15 days ago.

I Highly recommend to Upgrade to Golden Membership.

If you have a Golden Membership, click 10 top ads a day and refer 150 members who also click 10 top ads a day :
You win $30.2 (US dollars) per day that translates to around $936.2 (US dollars) per month. Now, try to multiply that for a year.

What is Jobboy all about?


What is Jobboy all about?

Jobboy is about connecting people who need something done (Employers) with people who want to help (Workers). These "things that need to be done" are called "micro jobs".

It's a new platform to make everyone to earn something!!

- Gain SEO Ranking by using blend of clever techniques such as Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Article Submission and Google Backlink...
- Get your job done by hundreds of workers
- Pay only when you are satisfied


- Blog about your product
- Post reviews to Websites & Blogs
- Add you to Facebook
- Become fan of your group
- Follow you on Twitter
- Digg your website
- Write Articles & Post
- Ask someone to upload something for you
- Ask someone to download something for you
- Ask someone to design something for you

And much more...

- Earn money
- $1.00 Sign up bonus
- Urgent Withdrawal to paypal when you reach 10$ without any problems
- Use your money to give jobs


- Join an post one message on forum
- Browse micro jobs
- Select jobs you like
- Finish tasks & submit proof
- Join an post one message on forum
- Write a blog
- Make a quiz and submit quiz

What Is IPO?


What does Google, Microsoft and Dell have in common? These three well established companies, along with other large business organizations have went public before through the IPO or initial public offering.

So what is an IPO?

In financial terms, IPO or initial public offering is the first issuance of a company’s shares to the general public usually to interested investors. These shares are allowed to be transacted in the stock market where they can be brought and sold.

One thing to note is the shares allocated to the public do not constitute 100% of the company’s shares. Only a certain percentage is allocated to the public. Usually the company owner or the board of directors will still hold the majority of the shares.

So why does a company offer an IPO?

One of the most common reasons companies offer IPO is to raise capital for the company. The main reason is because companies plan to use the money gathered from IPO to further expand their business or to increase their business operations.

While IPO may sound like a good way for companies to raise money, they are disadvantages as well. The chief disadvantage is there are heavy legal compliance and financial regulations that needs to be followed strictly.

The IPO Process

The first step for any company to offer an IPO is to get several investment banks as underwriters. The purpose of underwriters is to assess the business, operational and financial background of the company in order to determine the value of the company’s shares to be sold to the public. Once it is agreed, the company will sign an agreement with the lead underwriter to sell shares on the market and the underwriters can proceed to sell these shares to any interested investors.

For large corporations dealing with billions of dollars of shares, several large investment banks may act as underwriters. These banks are paid commissions for shares that they sell. The underwriters will also help the company deal with the legal and financial regulations imposed by the country.

Most multinational companies that plan to hold an IPO will also need to comply with the rules and regulations of different countries therefore sometimes law firms may also be involved in some cases.

Once the IPO is successfully launched, companies will need to submit their annual business earnings reports to the financial securities board since the company’s shares will be listed in the stock market.

Make your own Book Smart


Peace ...

There must always dreamed of writing the book itself .. and see the writing on the print will make them smile of satisfaction. Despite all this they think this is a fantasy, I have come across a web site I realize their dreams of writing the book itself. . Booksmart is extraordinary tool that will allow users to change their personal blogs, photos, or the diary into a book actually.

While browsing the Internet, I found many interesting blogs and expect that this person should write a book ... And I believe they can take advantage of blogs to supplement their income may be in store as well as a collection ataupon memories ...

Import data from blogging services like LiveJournal, Blogger, Wordpress or floppy it can be done quickly and mudah.ape you have to do only simple ...

1) go to the web versus Booksmart and download free software Bookmaking
2) Add a photo, artwork creative tool menggunakn ataupon text ..
3) order book between the price as low as $ 4.95 per piece (depending on the terms and conditions)

Once you've created your book ... you can keep for a friend ataupon ataupon family ....

in addition can also be sold depending on your needs ....
Make your hobby as a blogger as a source of your income to market the books as a result of your piece its own .... good luck ...

Link: blurb.com

Get paid to trade with fxmalay @ fxopen


FX Malay @ FX open

FXOpen claims to provide the following advantages:

  • Unique combination of Retail Forex Trading and Real ECN/STP
  • Currency Trading Online with Level II on MT4 with FXOpen.
  • Spreads starting from 0.5 pips on EURUSD
  • Leverage from 1:1 to 1:500
  • Micro accounts from $1, ECN accounts from $1000
  • Standard accounts from $25
  • Islamic accounts, PAMM accounts
  • A wide range of financial tools
  • Trading terminal Metal Trader 4

FXOpen is regulated and audited by:

"Global Business License issued by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of the Republic of Mauritius"



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